Katherine Sicotte

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About the Artist


As an emerging artist in the mid-1980’s, my work evolved out of the West European tradition, as it extended into North America in its altered form. My work has also been directly inspired by our Canadian landscape. As a mature artist, my life and work has largely been affected by our country’s global awareness. The problems and realities of the world’s cultures, especially how our contemporary society affects women, are where my interest mainly lies. As a sculptor, my main interest has always been in making aesthetically pleasing objects. This belief incorporates not only formal notions of what is inherent to sculpture but acts as a reflection of contemporary society. 

Formal Training

- BFA, MFA from the University of Alberta

Informal Training

- Emma Lake Artist's Workshop

- Triangle Artist's Workshop 

Edmonton Shows

- 2011-2012 Feminine Viewpoint The Works "Sculpture by Invitation"

- 1993-2011 ECAS Yearly Group Exhibitions

- 2005 Objects of Desire Graduate Studies, MFA Exhibition, University of Alberta

- 2000 Motherhood Series

- 1987-1998 Yearly Sculpture by Invitation

- 1992 The Passion, The Works

- 1991 John King & Katherine Sicotte, Gallery on Whyte