Katherine Sicotte

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Point of View

The Places 2011-2013

The Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton, Alberta

This exhibition displays for the viewer the diversity of steel. Here are grouped together three physically dissimilar sculptures. Despite the differences there remains a constant component present in all of my art; which is the sculptures’ comment on life from a female point of view. The two early sculptures in this show, “Music Sketch” and “Seraphim”, also give reference to the works of several artistic predecessors: a dancing female figurative drawing by the painter Matisse, the Renaissance sculptor Donatello's Cantoria relief of musical putti, as well as the greek sculpture Nike of Samothrace. The most recent artwork, “Object of Desire”, has less of an artistic or historic reference but more of a female perspective. This hails from a series of sculptures originating from a desire to acknowledge the abuses of power upon the individual in our global society.
September 2011 - May 2013